Students Guide to a Successful Year

A very warm welcome to all students attending the High School of Fashion Industries for the school year 2018-2019. In order to make this a successful year all students should become familiar with the Soarring Facts and VTODS'Always remember the more you know, the more you soar. In addition, make it a point to make friends and build relationships with faculty. Also, make sure to join a club or an  athletic team in order to make your experience most memorable. Most of all just make sure to have fun. Stay tuned because all opportunities will be posted on the Fashionable Times Blog: and Social Media Accounts:

Twitter: HSFI@HSFI_News

Instgram: FashionHighNYC

Facebook: @HSFIOfficial

 The HSFI Family Welcomes you with open arms!

There are many ways to get involved:

1. Join a Club or After School Activity

2. Visit a School Dance

3. Join Student Government

4. Join SING

What if I want to participate in a club / activity?

All clubs and student activities are open to all HSFI students.  Most clubs and activities meet after school on specific days of the week.  The number of times per month that a club or activity meets depends on that specific activity.  You can find out about all clubs and activities by constantly checking all the different forms of communication we have at HSFI – Email, Website, Jupiter Grades, Bulletin Boards, Whiteboard in the Lobby, TV Screens, Morning Announcements and Social Media.  Twice a year, the Student Government Organization (SGO) holds ‘Club Fairs’ where clubs promote and recruit students who wish to participate.  If you have any questions on HSFI clubs and activities, the key people to speak to are: (1) Mr. Rau, Assistant Principal – Room 829 / & (2) Ms. San Jorge, Guidance Counselor – Room 329 /

What if I want to start a club / activity?

Creating a new club is encouraged.  There are 2 requirements:

(1) You need to identify other students who want to participate with you in this activity

(2) You need to get a HSFI staff member to supervise the activity.

Once you have accomplished these 2 tasks, you would complete a ‘Club Charter’ request and submit for Student Government approval.  If you have any questions on this process, the key people to speak to are: (1) Mr. Rau, Assistant Principal – Room 829 / & (2) Ms. San Jorge, Guidance Counselor – Room 329 /