Fashion Design
Fashion Design

Kate Boulamaali, Assistant Principal of CTE Dept.
225 W. 24th Street, New York, NY 10011
(212) 255-1235 ext. 7031

Tara Ricci, Fashion Design Coordinator
Fashion Design Department
Room 715
(212)-255-1235 ext. 7151

Our Fashion Design program provides rigorous courses that prepare students for success by nurturing personal creativity, fostering ingenuity, and individuality. Our uniquely tailored curriculum provides the educational foundation and technical skills necessary to evolve with the rapidly changing industry. Our students learn the fundamentals of patternmaking, sewing, draping and are able to execute their designs from concept to completion. To complement this innovative curriculum, HSFI welcomes numerous designers and prominent industry professionals who give lectures, lead workshops, and provide valuable insight through one-on-one interaction with students. Our Industry Partnership Program provides a multifaceted immersive learning experience meant to provide exposure and promote success by preparing students for the demands of the fashion world.

The Fashion Design Program is a comprehensive course of study where students:

Gain skills and knowledge of fashion industry standards through hands on instruction.
Prepare for internships, entry-level jobs in the fashion industry, and post secondary educational opportunities in various fashion programs.
Learn Computer Fashion Art, Garment Construction and the art of three different types of pattern making which are: computerized, draping (three- dimensional), and manual. Also included in this program: Textile Science and Fashion Design Illustration.
Produce sample garments for our Annual Fashion Show utilizing fashion industry standards; at the end of the four year sequence in the fashion department

These essential skills equip our students with the tools necessary to excel in the fashion industry showcasing a high level of competency in this field.