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Welcome to the Physical Education Page at The High school of Fashion Industries
In the 21st Century the High School of Fashion Industries will provide exemplary Physical Education programs in which:

1. Students will become lifelong learners/movers by embracing and practicing fitness and wellness habits, participating in a variety of movement experiences and developing positive social skills.

2. The physical educator will encourage individual growth and support diverse learning styles by incorporating a variety of teaching methods and authentic assessments.

3. Other academic subjects will be infused as they occur naturally in physical education.

4. The school and administration will support the quality physical education program by providing specialist training in current exercise and computer technology and in-service opportunities (i.e., text complexity, best practices, etc.).

5. Families and the community will partner to promote lifelong wellness/movement opportunities.
The goal of the Physical Education program is the development of a Physically Educated Person, one who has learned skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities, is physically fit, participates regularly in physical activity, knows the benefits from involvement in physical activity and values physical activity and its contributions to a healthy lifestyle. Physical Education is a valuable part of developing the whole child. Physical Education supports and integrates many other curricular ideas into its curriculum. The mission of HSFI Physical Education program is to:

1. Impart the knowledge, values, and skills necessary to become lifelong learners/movers by practicing wellness habits and developing positive social skills while participating in a variety of movement experiences.

2. Create a physical education setting which encourages individual growth and supports diverse learning styles and the development of critical thinking, problem-solving and effective group interaction.

3. Integrate and promote other curricular areas in the physical education setting, such as: oral and written communication, math, health, social studies and science.

4. Utilize current computer and exercise technology and in-service opportunities to enhance delivery of the Physical Education curriculum.

5. Encourage family and community lifelong wellness and movement opportunities.

6. Provide knowledge and skill that will empower a student’s independence to develop lifelong, health-enhancing physical activity and fitness levels.
Contact Information:
Ms. Sostre, Director
Wellness and Athletics
Room 819
(212) 255-1235 Ext. 8194
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