Special Education


At HSFI our goal is to help EVERY student perform at their optimal level. Our department has a long track record of helping students attain Regents and Local diplomas in four years. Upon graduation our students attain a Regents/Local diploma from a world renowned program based in fashion, art, fashion marketing, and fashion merchandising. Our graduates move on to FIT, Lehman College, Brooklyn College, Queens College, City College, Hunter College, and LaGuardia College. Students with disabilities have access to the same curriculum and high expectations as their peers. We strive to accommodate the needs of all learners and ensure those with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are within the least restrictive environment while working towards educational independence.  Students are programmed based on the mandates stated within their IEP and determined during the IEP meeting.  At HSFI, we use flexible programming to address the specific needs of all students. We currently offer ICT, SETSS and a 15:1 setting.

  • SETSS is a course for students who are able to participate in the general education setting with a moderate amount of support. Within the SETSS course, teachers focus on students’ IEP goals and building the skills needed to achieve those goals.

  • Integrated Co-Teaching, or ICT, is a course in which the needs of students are addressed by a general education and special education teacher within a general education class. ICT is offered in Math, English, Science and Social Studies and the determination for which course students will be placed in is made during the IEP meeting by the student, their family and the IEP team. 

  • The 15:1 (15 students to one special education teacher) setting is for students who struggle within the general education curriculum and need additional support to access the material. READ 180 is a literacy course offered to freshman and sophomores within this setting and is structured to build upon skills needed for academic success.

  • In addition to hosting IEP meetings and working on programming, the Students with Disabilities office facilitates the IEP mandated related services of counseling, speech, occupational and physical therapy. We work with a Social Worker and School Psychologist, as well as coordinate with the school based health clinic, The Falcon Health Center, to assist families in receiving services for their children.