Falcon Health Center
High School of Fashion Industries School-Based Health Center
The Institute for Family Health
Falcon Health Center
Room 343

We are very fortunate at HSFI to have the Falcon Health Center.  You can be seen at the Falcon Health Center for any of your health care needs – just like a doctor’s office outside of school – and the best part, these services are FREE.  Come by if you have a question about your body, your health or if you just need to talk.

Hours of Operation: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday all year and all summer.

Falcon Health Center Services include:

□ Physical exams, with paperwork for sports, working papers, college, camp  and school.

□ Reproductive health care like birth control and emergency contraception, STI and HIV testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, HPV shots.

□ First aid and treatments for illness and injury at school

□ Shots needed for school and other vaccinations like flu shots.

□ Screening for hearing, vision, asthma, diabetes, blood pressure, mental health.

□ Treatment for chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes.

□ Medications and prescriptions, including storage for meds you have to take at school.

□ Nutrition and substance abuse counseling.

□ Counseling for mental health in an emergency, or for as long as you need it, help with depression, anxiety, stress, and issues with family, friends and relationships.

□ Referrals to other treatments you need that are not done at the Falcon Health Center.

□ Health insurance enrollment help for you and your family.

□ Dental care

What does ‘confidential care’ mean?

□ This means that we will not tell anyone anything you tell us without your permission, including your parents and the school.

□ NY State law keeps teens’ reproductive health, mental health and drug or alcohol use confidential. The only exception to this is if you are in serious danger or being hurt.

How to sign up:

□ If you want to sign up for all of our medical services, your parent/guardian signs a consent form once for the whole time you are in school.

□ Remember, once they sign the form the rest of your health care is private!

□ You can sign up yourself for reproductive health care, some mental health care and treatment for drug or alcohol use.

The Falcon Health Center offers HSFI students a wide-range of health care services!

Routine Health Care:
  • Physical exams
    • Sports clearance and Pre-employment 
  • Immunizations
  • Reproductive health care
    • Birth control
    • Pregnancy testing
    • HIV testing
    • STI testing & treatment
    • HPV vaccine
    • Plan B (Emergency Contraception)
  • Flu vaccines
  • Hearing & vision screenings
  • Referrals to dental providers
  • Health education
  • Check ups
  • Elevator passes
Medical Services:
  • Blood tests
  • Sick visits
  • Asthma care
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Diabetes care
  • Medications & prescriptions
  • Referrals to specialists
Mental Health:
  • Crisis counseling
  • Ongoing therapy
  • Depression/risk screening
  • Referrals to other mental health providers 
Services at No Cost to Students: The Falcon Health Center accepts health insurance, but if you don't any, we can help you (and your family) sign up.
Students, come in and check out the Falcon Health Center!
Bring in a parent/guardian consent form or enroll yourself today.
Hours: 8:30AM - 4PM
Every day that school is open
24/7 emergency phone line: 212-206-5200