Safety & Security
The Dean’s office at the High School of Fashion Industries serves the needs of over 1700 students from every borough of New York City.  Comprised of five part-time Deans who also teach within our school, each team member utilizes a progressive and restorative approach to mediating conflict.  In an effort to develop a student’s emotional relationships with their peers, and meaningful and productive interactions with adversity, a peer mediator is also employed as another option for conflict resolution.
Our goal is to facilitate the growth of academic development, while at the same time to develop the humane component of each child, through the use of positive behavior interventions.  Our strength lies with the relationships we have formed with our students and their parents.
The Dean's Office opens at 9AM until 4PM daily.  We welcome parents as integral components to our school community.  Our office suite is located in room 145.  Should you need to share your concerns with a Dean in person, an appointment is highly recommended but not required.
If you have any questions or concerns for Giovanni Raschilla, please feel free to email or call the office at (212) 255-1235 ext.1431.